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Global Instruments of Finance and the Folly of Economic Growth (Part 1)

Is the social usefulness of financial instruments misunderstood in a similar way to how, in the darkness, the aspiring animal musicians in the folktale Town Musicians of Bremen are mistaken for being a witch? Financial language is confusing at the … Continue reading

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The Road Less Travelled: Social Business in Europe

Call it a new kind of capitalism. You make goods to sell to a mass market but your aim isn’t profit. Enterprises are run by workers and customers and surpluses are ploughed back to achieve social goals. Capitalism? Not as … Continue reading

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Press release: Making Good in Social Impact Investment

Thursday 6th October 2011 UK at watershed moment for social impact investing with potential to be global leader Social impact investment has the potential to evolve from being an emerging market to a very large, mature investment market attracting mainstream … Continue reading

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