The JenLi Manifesto – Part 3: Moving the mainstream economy towards a social economy

This part of the Manifesto describes how the ideas presented in Part 1 and Part 2 can be implemented through undertaking integrated development projects for the creation of self-sufficient communities – the approach has been named the Plexus Concept as a working title and summarised in the paper below.

montblancKarl H Richter will present the Plexus Concept on 11 Nov 2011 at the 5th Mont Blanc Meeting in Chamonix, this is an international forum for social economy leaders and the opening plenary of this year’s meeting will include Lula da Silva, former President of Brazil.Read More »


The JenLi Manifesto – Part 1: A Convenient Truth

If Cameron’s “Big Society” is a call to arms and modern capitalism the front-line in rebalancing social and financial agendas; then we are still mobilising ourselves no better than eager freedom fighters. Quixotic vengeance and impassioned goodwill without a coherent plan of action will not achieve the reforms we require. Our growing army of the willing needs strong leadership, a substantive increase in capital resource, to be better coordinated, the ability to harness dissent, the flexibility to deal with the unknown, and the best action plan we can conceive – the JenLi Manifesto is the arsenal for such a plan.Read More »