The JenLi Model and JenLi Foundation

The JenLi Model upon which the JenLi Foundation is based encompasses a financial model, legal framework and implementation strategy to combine philanthropic and commercial capital, blending social and financial returns. The purpose is to implement a sustainable model for the creation of self-sufficient communities through financing and implementing urban development and regeneration projects. All legal approvals are in place and the registration of the organisation is underway.

You can read the case for supporting JenLi here.

The principles which underpin the JenLi Model have been compiled into the JenLi Manifesto:

  • it encapsulates an ethos and approach for socio-economic revival of our towns and cities,
  • it is a call to arms,
  • it is a statement of intent,
  • it is an invitation to confederate efforts,
  • it describes how we can attract and leverage greater sums of philanthropic capital to enhance the role of the Third Sector in building self-sufficient communities.

Read the Manifesto:

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The JenLi name is formed by combining two key principles of Confucianism:

  • Jen [] is a cardinal principle embracing benevolence or humanity.
  • Li [ ] is a supporting and behavioural principle of civility and social etiquette.

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