EngagedX – new website 2016

Dear friends and colleagues*

We have launched our new website for 2016


This is our 4th year of trading and we’re delighted to expand EngagedX internationally – we now have a presence in London and Berlin.

We are lining up exciting new initiatives for 2016 and will be making more announcements via our Newsletter.

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We are very proud of the work we have accomplished during our first few years. For example, publishing benchmark performance data on Social Impact Investing (a global first) and being featured by the OECD in their report to the G7. You can read more about our achievements on our Portfolio page.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in achieving our successes to date!

Please forward this email to people you think might be interested in our work – and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards


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Karl H Richter
Co-Founder and Executive Director


Phone: +44 7818667295 | Email: karl.richter@engagedx.com | Skype: karl.h.richter | Twitter: @KarlHRichter | Blog: www.karlhrichter.com |

Web: www.engagedx.com | Twitter: @EngagedX |

Please download and share our landmark performance data on UK social impact investing.

EngagedX is a trading name of Engaged Investment Ltd

* this is a copy of an email announcement I sent on 9 Feb 2016.


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