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‘X’ Capitalism…fixing capitalism with capitalism

Below are the slides of the keynote address that I gave at the 9th Annual Social Responsibility Forum, IE Business School (Madrid, Spain). If the presentation does not load, you can find the original here.

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Social investing : fixing capitalism with capitalism

Capitalism – in its current form – has let us down. We have seen this truism manifest itself globally, from the disruptive protests of the “Occupy” movements to mainstream debates such as Capitalism in Crisis, the in-depth series that the … Continue reading

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Global Impact Economy Forum. US State Dept, Washington DC, 26 & 27 April 2012

I recently went to Washington to learn about the new global impact economy being advocated by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and specifically to find out whether it is aligned with social business and social investment initiatives in Europe. … Continue reading

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The Road Less Travelled: Social Business in Europe

Call it a new kind of capitalism. You make goods to sell to a mass market but your aim isn’t profit. Enterprises are run by workers and customers and surpluses are ploughed back to achieve social goals. Capitalism? Not as … Continue reading

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